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Insolvency Accountants Martin Howard Benefits of working with Us:

Insolvency Accountants Martin Howard, Business Recovery specialists provides a broad range of professional services :

  • Corporate insolvency
  • Restructuring and turnaround
  • Performance management and business evaluation
  • Optimising returns for stakeholders
  • Forensic accounting and asset recovery
  • Valuation services
  • Litigation support
  • Financial due diligence
  • Global coverage
  • Global Advisory
  • All cases and assignments would be managed through your regular partner so you would benefit from seamless advice
  • Access to member firms with first hand knowledge of local regulations, influencers, financial institutions and customs – giving you a competitive advantage
  • Low risk – you would benefit from the best advice from leading practices within their local marketplace
  • Sector insight – we have worked across all sectors and understand the nuances within each
  • Quality assured – all members operate to a high common standard

Why speak to us?

Free complimentary consultation

We are detached from the problem, with all the tools available for us to provide director assistance in a fast and effective way insolvency accountants.


We start with an expert review of the position of the business, so that we can identify all the critical elements that will require management.


We operate safe but aggressive schemes that enable our clients to be positioned in a way that the critical aspects of management and processed are achieved as quickly as possible.

Specialist Negotiators

We will conduct all the communication needed for the director to absolve themselves from having to carry out certain things that they may find it difficult to do. We conduct expert negotiations with sometimes seemingly impossible scenarios.

Insolvency Accountants and Business Recovery


Company Administration

This is a temporary step whereby the directors are relieved of the stewardship of the company for at least 8 weeks. During this period a full review if the company is carried out and there is a summary review if the companies position in relation to creditors, debtors, and opportunities to either move forward, or sell, or liquidate or refinance.

Insolvency Accountant Practitioners


An initial review of the company is carried out whereby all options are considered. If it is concluded that liquidation is the required remedy then the liquidation process is initiated.


Company Financial Reorganisation

Informal arrangement with creditors and key associates. Asset management. We understand where the main difficulties are and advise on corporate strategy. We take a directorship position during the process of investigation and restructuring. As turnaround professionals we look at the facets of the business, it’s management strategy and profitability.

Insolvency Accountants Practitioner

Company voluntary arrangement​

An initial review of the company is conducted and if the director/s believe that the company is fundamentally strong and has reasonable options to make a profit, then all creditors are requested to provide a proof of their debt within a reasonable timeframe of between 1-3 months. A revised business plan with identifiable cash flows is created. A formal proposal is circulated to creditors whereby they are offered a proposal that will provide them with higher returns than what they can expect to receive in the event of a liquidation. The period if the company voluntary arrangement is between 3-5 years.


Directors Credit Cruncher

future proofing your business is very difficult when you can’t see where you are going and there appears to be no end to the unprecedented global business tsunami that has arrived. The problem with shocks like these is that leaders simply don’t know what to do next, or how to do it! After all how does a company director detach them-self from the duties and obligations of a failing company once it’s hit a critical stage?

"I have personally known Sean for several years. He is very loyal, thoughtful, generous and honest. In business, he is incredibly determined and unstoppable. He is a unique character who doesn’t do things the way others do as he thinks outside the box to find the best possible solution. He is a wonderful person and my number one person to ask for business advice. He is forever evolving and makes me smile just thinking about him. "

About Us

  • We are a motivated group of insolvency, business recovery & turnaround specialists that can provide immediate support, guidance and solutions for troubled businesses in seemingly impossible situations.
  • We are steeped in experience and leadership skills. We have had to intensify our presence and team in order to support the entrepreneurial businesses facing critical situations.
  • We have scaled our practice that allows us to provide reachable assistance to debtors and concerned creditors.
  • We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Barcelona office where we are ready and continually preparing for our expert solutions that simply save business lives and directors from making critically wrong decisions.
  • We provide fast comprehensive insolvency solutions. In the same way that technology has provided faster and cleaner ways of processing information using a simple click.
  • We have refined and discovered simplified methods to solve problems and directors to where they want and need to be fast. So they can continue their forward journey with a limited loss.
  • Clients may not always like what they hear but clients can’t be delusional and emotionally connected to their business concepts and their employees.
  • Generally our fees charged are more than returned with the overall savings we make.
  • So we could be described as energy efficient insolvency specialists.
  • We are speaking to PLC and industrialists clients now that appear to have been particularly successful up until CV 19.
  • Right now they are looking and thinking in the wrong way.
  • Unless they start making the right decisions fast, then they will be watching, feeling and experience of loss that they may not recover from.
  • It’s proven that critical decisions made under duress or stress with fear of loss attached to them are simply not as effective as when the mind is clear of conflict and fear.

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