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"I have personally known Sean for several years. He is very loyal, thoughtful, generous and honest. In business, he is incredibly determined and unstoppable. He is a unique character who doesn’t do things the way others do as he thinks outside the box to find the best possible solution. He is a wonderful person and my number one person to ask for business advice. He is forever evolving and makes me smile just thinking about him. "
"Sean is an exceptional person, his capacity, insight and knowledge for the business are immense. He is nothing short of a genius. Sean has the ability to see the value in others often before they can themselves. He has the unique ability to adapt to any situations and always finds the positive in any given circumstance. "
"I have known Sean for over 20 years he has been a massive inspiration in my own entrepreneurial journey. He is a business visionary. He always offers impartial advice, looking at things objectively. He is such a character, always with a smile and inner belief in himself. There is one and only Sean, they broke the mould when they made him. He has had a diverse career and life, which has made him a great listener in all situations. "
"I would describe Sean as driven, motivated, loyal and great to have in your corner. Without a doubt, his best feature is his absolutely drive in everything he does. If he locks onto something he will always propel forward successfully. He is a true leader but he is always happy to stick his own head out and lead from the front whilst standing toe to toe with you."
"Sean is a can do man, nothing phases him. He is incredibly cleaver, hardworking and always has a positive attitude. He has a hands on approach and the ability to think outside the box."
"Sean will only take the job if he feels it is in the best interest of the client. Whilst of course it’s a business his primary motivation is always protecting clients from being bullied or put under pressure by institutions. Primary motivator. Any successful business needs to have a point of difference and this is Sean; his personal service, attention to detail, his decades of experience and he never gives up. He is a self-made man and a family man. He is loyal trustworthy, honourable, a decent human being and has absolute empathy in others. He will put his arms around you and all your problems will go away. "
"I don’t think there is anyone in the UK more expert or with more experience in bankruptcy. What sets Sean apart is his people skills and his empathy in supporting people through one of the most stressful situations they may face in their lives. He is so knowledgeable he expertly guides people through the minefield of bankruptcy. He is like a defender, placing his arms around his clients and protecting them from the biggest impacts of a horrible situation. "
"Sean has a broad range of skills and a massive amount of knowledge in the financial industry. One of his passions is debt counselling. He is closely affiliated with several financial practices and institutions internationally and has a wealth of contacts. A real strength of this is turning business around. He specialises in assets release, asset salvage and creditor agreements. Businesses come back to Sean to ask for his advice in the future as they trust and respect his opinions. He is very personable, he will be direct and honest when laying out your options as this is what is needed to help you. If there is bad news you need to hear he will deliver it and help you move forward as he is always client-based. "
"Sean is passionate, creative and forward-thinking. He has the initiative and ability to be able to bend rules but not break them. His experience spans over four decades in insolvency, dealing with highly complex insolvency cases both for personal and corporate cases. Sean specialities include saving entities and turnaround situations. He is very hands-on and has lots of energy. He takes pride in what he produces. We have dealt with very difficult situations together and have never failed. We don’t do it for the money but for the people. Tenacity and loyalty are what sets Sean apart from the rest."
"Sean gives really great advice reassuring advice, energetically motivated. He sets himself apart through his diverse background, experiences and his understanding of the world. "
"To whom it may concern. I read many reference people write for there wards... and quite frankly find them boring. It is my intention to give a 100 per cent accurate ref for a man I have had the pleasure of working with for the best part of 20 years...and has been a mentor to me in my family life as well as my business life... People say there are no friends in business .. well they wrong in my humble opinion... Sean has that unique talent he is incredibly driven but poses that rare quality of compassion. He is extremely hard-headed. I say that in a good way as he does not suffer fools well.. so when you surround yourself with him and his associates you are always in good company…. He is incredibly honest and has never let me down... or anyone I know .. which if people are honest is incredibly rare in this modern world. I always considered myself a sales guy but he has skills I haven't ever found in a book.. He has empathy and compassion for his clients he always over-delivers. He is always looking to elevate people under his charge. To bring them along not just to use them but to genuinely train them to be better people. I often think sometimes he may have missed his calling.. he is the best business coach I have ever had the fortunate please to engage with. He has a problem-solving mindset. This is essential to gain the credibility you need to look after your clients. The integrity word is used far too much these days as it is indeed a very rare commodity. But Sean has it in spades...I have worked all over this world with some amazing companies.. but Sean is, without doubt, the most outstanding legal and business guru I have ever had the pleasure to work with... to summarize if he was a car.. he would be A Rolls Royce. In an uncertain world, he has been a safe Harbour for so many. He is an outstanding Human. I fear last of a dying breed. "

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